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Welcome to our map store!

Attention: This store is not open at the moment and you can not finish your purchases. We will open soon.

We are offering printable large dimension blank outline maps for affordable prices with flexible conditions.
Currently there are World maps and maps of continents for sale in PNG and in PDF formats.

Find a proper map for you - search using keywords or categories

All the map images on this website are outline maps and in some sense blank.
These maps have transparent (or white) background and black lines, country boundaries, rivers.
The maps are good for teaching purposes or for several personal purposes, but they can be used also for deriving new products from them.

The map images, which are in PNG format on this website, are available in two sizes:

The best ways to find a suitable map for you from our shop, are following

  • search for the maps using keywords
  • search for the maps browsing categories

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to search for the maps using keywords or to search for the categories using keywords.

Use the category menus on the vertical right bar of the website or on the horizontal top bar of the website to find a proper outline map for you by categories.

Collections of map images

You can buy the maps separately or there are also available collections (packages) of map images, which are grouped together according to a common sign, like blank maps of continents, maps of rivers and lakes, political maps. Such grouped products of several maps make the price per map image unit even more affordable.

The maps in these collections are also available as single images and such single PNG images are then compressed together to one ZIP file, which you can download after buying a collection product of maps.

The high reliability of the outline blank maps

The outline blank maps, which are offered on this website, are derivation works from other kind of maps from such reliable sources like CIA Factbook and Wikimedia. We have the license to use these maps as sources for our maps.

Although these sources are already reliable enough, we have done our best to raise the accuracy of these maps even more. We have compared country boundaries and other details of the maps from other sources too as much as it is possible by offering the maps for such affordable prices.

If you still find any inaccuracy or other problems on some of the maps, please contact us, so that we could check it, make corrections if needed and offer for you better map products.