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Maps of Continents

Shortcut to products of category "Maps of continents"

The maps of this category, called Maps of continents,
are divided into following subgroups:

Maps of Africa

Maps of Antarctica

Maps of Asia

Maps of Australia and Oceania

Maps of Europe

Maps of North America

Maps of South America

Maps of continents


Maps of continents by Map types


You can find here following map types of the above listed 7 continents:

  • blank maps
  • political maps
  • maps of lakes and rivers.

The political maps of continents on this website have ususally the following singularity:
the countries, which are located on many continents at the same time (eg. Egypt, Russia), are with their total area on these continent maps, on which is located the most of their surface area.

If you wish to find maps by these types, then see also the category Map types.

Maps of continents by Map projections

In case of maps of continents it is good to represent these map images using different projections for different continents. By doing so every continent looks more such kind as if it would look by watching from Space directly onto this continent. In this sense the projections, which are good for the whole World maps (eg. Robinson, Winkel Tripel, Equidistant), are not good for the maps of detached continents.

On this website usually following map projections are used for the following continents:

  • Lambert Conformal Conic projection:
    for map images of North and Central America, for map pictures of Europe.
  • Azimuthal Equal-Area projection
    for maps of such continents like South America, Asia, Africa, Antarctic.
  • Mercator projection
    for map images of Australia and Oceania.

But the maps of continents may be in other projections too, like Equidistant projection.

See category Map projections, if you like to find maps by their projections.