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Maps of World

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The category "Maps of the World" on this website includes such maps, which are about the whole World.
These World maps are usually blank maps or political maps (ie. maps with country boundaries). This category is also about maps, which include all the continents on one map image with continent boundaries.

It is good to use for the maps of World such kind of projections, which contain all of the Earth with all of its continents on the same map as good as possible. To achieve such goal - fitting all the World onto one map - there is the drawback, that some parts of the World are on the map more distorted, than others. These distortions are the trade-off of having all the World fitted onto one map.

Some popular projections, which are used for World maps to represent all the World and which are also used for the World maps on this website, are

  • Robinson projection
  • Winkel Tripel projection
  • Equidistant (ie. Equirectangular) projection.