About Allmice CMS

Allmice CMS (Classic Edition) is a free, fast, simple, lightweight, yet powerful extendable modern Content Management System (CMS).
It is programmed in PHP and uses MySQL or MariaDB database system.

Functionalities of Allmice CMS

Some functionalities of Allmice CMS are:

  • Webpages can be edited using a What You See Is What You Get editor and displayed as usual HTML or as PDF document.
  • Role based access for web pages and other content (admin, authenticated, anonymous and custom roles).
  • The system is extendable or the functionality can be otherwise changed through its module-based structure.
  • Statistics system and consent signal registering system (to comply with GDPR).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support: Alias URL support, managing title and meta tags, etc.
    ... possible to have different HTML robot meta tags for different contents, and custom URL instead of system created URL.
  • Multi-theme support, also role based.
  • The functionalities of Allmice CMS are highly adjustable for various purposes. Most of the configuration can be changed easy through unified web-user interface. Such configurations are recorded in database. This means no need to look for different XML or other files for configuration from some complex directory structure.
  • Multi-site support - one code, many websites in the same or different databases. If in the same database, then this means support to use different table prefixes for different sites so, that tables of different web sites can be used in the same database.
  • Multi-language support. Different languages can be used for module form elements and for other phrases, if module supports it.
  • Regions in themes, which include blocks to show content, which will be prepared in the system.
  • Caching support - role based, for the main content and for every block separately.
  • User authentication.


Priorities by developing Allmice CMS

The priorities by developing Allmice CMS, are (in loose order):

  • Fast enough
  • Modern enough
  • High stability and backward compatibility
  • Simple design
  • Flexible and extendable
  • Enough free functionality (most common and various less common);
    Enough already after publishing it, more during time in the future.
  • Similarities with other popular content management systems
  • Should be easy to learn.


Differences from other content management systems

There are some differences from other available free content management systems, which we are considering as drawbacks of these other systems and which is why it was decided to develop this content management system.

Some differences from other available free content management systems are:

  • The priority of Allmice CMS is to have high stability for the CMS during time, which can be achieved through the other priority, that newer versions will have high backward compatibility.
  • Simple design means, that there is separated a minimal core system from other modules, which has relatively easy logic and not much code. It can be called decentralized system.
  • Flexibility means, that there are not many requirements to develop modules and themes in "Allmice CMS way", but developers can develop the modules and themes as they find it more convenient. They should follow of course "minimal Allmice CMS requirements", which are simply needed to relate the modules and themes to the core system.

These differences help to achieve and are related to the other priorities like:

  • Simple design makes the system newer versions be easier compatible with older versions.
  • If there is backward compatibility (stability) and similarities with other systems, then it is easier to learn for the users.
  • Simple design makes the system faster.
  • Flexibility of developing the system makes it easier to be extendable so, that more free or non-free modern functionality can be added during time.


Licenses of Allmice CMS editions, modules and themes

There are currently available two editions of Allmice CMS:

  • Classic Edition.
  • Minimal Edition.

These two editions are released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 and were first published in December 2018.
If the name Allmice CMS is used without mentioning any edition, then it is referring either to Allmice CMS as general or if the context needs to be more specific, then to Classic Edition. Otherwise, the edition should be mentioned too to differentiate it from Classic Edition.

Minimal Edition can be considered as core edition i.e. as a base for other editions and classic edition as one version of end-user editions.

Classic Edition includes Minimal Edition and some ready installed and configured modules to provide most common CMS functionality and some themes.
In addition to these two editions some additional modules, themes and other editions may be available in the future.

Any additional modules and themes or any other software, which can be integrated with Allmice CMS, released by Any Outline LTD or by any third party, will have their own Copyright licenses. Other possible Allmice CMS modules or themes may still be restricted with GPL license, if they are using GPL modules or GPL themes as source code.