Image Manager module for Allmice CMS

Title: Image Manager module
Description: This is Image Manager module, which helps to resize (shrink), rotate and/or rename multiple png or jpg images at the same time at once.
Current version download link: click here to download Allmice CMS Image Manager module

Instructions for Image Manager module

To use this module, you should: check out and if needed edit configuration values of this module, copy images to input folder, use index method of this module for managing the images and find result from the output directory.

Things to do before you start managing images using Image Manager module

Check out following changeable configuration values before using Image Manager module:
1. Input directory, where initial raw image files are located.
2. Output directory, where status files and edited images will be saved.
3. Number of images, which will be be displayed on processing page and edited at the same time.
4. Default width dimension for all edited images.
5. If edited images will be saved as jpg files, then you can change the default compressing quality percentage.

Use following URL to check out and if needed to change such configuration values:

Check out and if needed change:
input folder permissions to be readable (e.g. attribute 755 on Linux systems for chmod command)
and output folder permissions to be writeable (e.g. attribute 777 on Linux systems for chmod command)!

How to manage images using Image Manager module ?

Copy images, which you wish to manage to input folder, which you can change as a configuration value.
Go to URL [path-to-your-website]/image-manager and you will get there instructions how to manage images.
You can find the result - changed images with various text data - from output folder, which is a changeable configuration value.