Update system

When to update ?

To better understand, when to update Allmice CMS Classic Edition code, we will explain, when will be new versions of Classic Edition released.

The version numbers of Allmice CMS Classic Edition have a pattern X.Y.Z.

The version part X will usually change, when other software, which Allmice CMS is depending on, will change in a way, that changes would be needed for Allmice CMS too.
For example the Classic Edition versions 1.Y.Z are tested to work with PHP 7, (they should work good also with later PHP 5 versions). When PHP version 8 will get stable and if it would make Allmice CMS Classic Edition code not to work correctly, then the Allmice CMS version changes to solve such issues would mean that version part X would change. If Classic Edition would start to use newer versions of CKEditor or PHPMailer, then such changes and various other bigger changes may also mean, that version part X may change.

Version part Y will usually change, when database structure or module method names will change, but also in case of other medium size of changes.

Version part Z will change in case of other minor changes.

How to update Allmice CMS Classic Edition

If version number part Z has changed and you wish to use a newer version of Classic Edition, then simply copy over all the directories and files of older Classic Edition with corresponding directories and files of  the newer Classic Edition except those mentioned in next sentence. If not advised otherwise, then do not replace old directories custom and sites; and old files .htaccess and robots.txt in root directory. File config.php is a bit tricky - it contains version data and that's why should be changed. If you have made changes in config.php file, which you wish to keep, like showing page creation time and PHP warnings and errors, then consider making such changes in the new file too after replacing the old file.

If version parts X or Y have changed, then in addition to replacing files and directories as described above use System Manager module structure methods to uninstall and then install again various modules, where such version change can be noticed. This updates Allmice CMS resource system with new module event names. In case of changes of version X and Y parts use also the additional Database Updater module to make possible database structure changes or to recognise such changes.

Click here to read more about Database Updater module.