Xml Sitemap module for Allmice CMS

Title: Xml Sitemap module
Description: This module provides methods to add, edit, delete XML sitemaps.
Current version download link: click here to download Allmice CMS Xml Sitemap module

Instructions for Xml Sitemap module

One part of optimizing your websites for Search Engines, is creating XML Sitemaps about these websites and submitting the URLs of such Sitemaps on certain Search Engine web pages.
This module can be used to create easy XML Sitemaps (i.e. XML files, which are created following Sitemap protocol) for your websites, which are using Allmice CMS.

Read more about Sitemap protocol XML format on https://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.html.
Wikipedia lists some Search Engine websites, where XML Sitemaps can be submitted - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sitemaps#Search_engine_submission.

The XML Sitemaps, which can be created using this module, will not use all the options, which XML Sitemap format supports.
This module supports such options, which we find more important.

Some specific ways, how this module (more precisely edit method) creates XML Sitemaps, are:
* For URLs (for Sitemap loc tags) only HTTP protocol will be used (not HTTPS). We suggest to use HTTP protocol for web pages, which you wish, that Search Engines will show better.
We have found many observations and conclusions on the Internet, that Search Engines index better web pages, which are using HTTP protocol.
* For lastmod tags only date will be used, which will be chosen automatically as the date, when corresponding web page was last edited.
* For changefreq tags the same frequency can be chosen for all the URL entries in one Sitemap, not different frequencies for different entries.
* Only Sitemaps for Page module entries, which have alias URLs can be created automatically. If you wish to create Sitemap index files or sitemap URL set files for other URLs, then you can use this module's edit method's custom XML code form elements. On the custom XML code form elements you can enter up to 2000 characters to create such other sitemap XML code.