2. List, view, edit or delete Pages


To edit or delete Pages click in "Admin General Menu" to the link "List All Pages" or go to URL [path-to-your-site]/page/list-all-pages.
You should see a table now, which includes details of all Pages (if there are any pages).

There are two view links for every Page in this table: "View source" and "View alias". By default the system has been configured for SEO purposes - to have a SEO friendly alias URL and to avoid duplicated content. This means, that by default the Page can be seen only using alias URL ("View alias" links should work), but can not be seen using the Page module view method URL ("View source" links in list table should not work).

Click Edit or Delete link on the row of the Page, which you wish to edit or delete.
Edit method is very similar to the add method, which was explained in a previous (Add a Page) manual. Delete method should be quite self explaining too.

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