4. Managing own Pages, Snippets and Posts


Quite often it is needed, that a Page creator can manage only their Pages and not other Pages, i.e. role based access rights can not be used in this case. For this purpose there is a module called OwnPage. Add/edit/delete/list methods of OwnPage module are similar to the corresponding methods of Page module. There is one major difference, that no other User, than Page creator (even not another user, who has admin role), can use these methods to manage Pages.
OwnPage module has also edit and delete methods for Posts and Snippets.

To see, what are the methods of OwnPage module, go to URL [path-to-your-site]/system-manager/manage-access and choose from "Select module" drop-down menu "OwnPage". Then by scrolling down you should see a table with list oh these methods. You can try out the methods by clicking link Try in the table in the row of the corresponding method (edit and delete methods can be tried through corresponding list methods).
These methods are quite self-explanatory, where labels and instructions of form fields help to understand how these form fields should be filled out.

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