5. Prepare the database


We will use phpMyAdmin to prepare the MySQL or MariaDB database for installing the website.
If phpMyAdmin is installed to your server, then you should also know how to access it to log in (e.g. going to address http://localhost/phpmyadmin).

If you don't have custom access to the database because of your hosting provider restrictions, then your database user details and other database details may still be good enough to install Allmice CMS website.

If you have custom access, then below are some instructions, how to customize it...
The menus may be different in different phpMyAdmin versions. Following menus should be in version 4.8.2.
1. Choose a database user for your Allmice CMS website or create a new user with password, if you don't have it yet.
See menus: User accounts > Add user account.
2. Create a database for the new Allmice CMS website - for example amc_website1
See menu: Databases
3. Relate user account to your database
See menus: User accounts > Edit privileges > Database > Add privileges on the following database(s):
Select your created database and click Go!
Under Database-specific privileges
for section Data tick: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE;
for section Structure tick: CREATE, ALTER, INDEX, DROP. Probably not needed to tick the Structure items, but suggested to tick for any case.
Click Go!

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Install an Allmice CMS website
1. Download compressed Allmice CMS
2. Extract the file
3. Prepare web directory - 4 options
4. Change file access permissions
5. Prepare the database
6. Configuration if using www subdomain
7. Install the website