5. Edit a menu item


Editing a menu item will be explained using the following example.

In "Add menu items" manual page we created a menu item with label "Manage Access".
We decided now, that we are using this link more to explore the functionality of Allmice CMS and will change this label to be "Explore Functionality".

In "Admin General Menu" click the link "List Menus" or go to URL [path-to-your-site]/menu/list-menus.
Scroll down the menu table to the row, where menu's "Human readable title" is "Important Links" and click on this row the link "List items".

Find from the table the row, where the menu item is "Manage Access" and click link Edit on this table row.
Write over the content of form field "Human readable label for menu item" to be "Explore Functionality", leave everything else as it is and click "Save menu item".

You will not be redirected. Scroll down and you should see, that the corresponding menu item in menu "Important Links" has changed and the link label is now "Explore Functionality".

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