Menus and blocks


In Allmice CMS menus with their menu items (links) will be usually displayed in two different ways:
1. As main content (i.e. as Menu module entries) using URL [path-to-your-site]/menu/view/[menu-id].
2. As block content. If displaying a menu as block content, then you must also create a block for such a menu, where block code is the same as menu code (menu code is also called Menu name for computer). A menu as block content will be displayed on every page, if the user's active role has access right to this menu's block.

Menus can be built usually for three different purposes (in one of three different ways):
1. Building menus for module methods.
This building method helps quickly and automatically create menus with their items to use the functionality of one or more modules.
2. Building menus for module entries.
Menu items for such menus will usually not be created using corresponding Menu module methods, but methods of other modules.
Most common case is here creating a menu-item at the same time when adding or editing a page - this means using Page module methods.
The purpose of such menus in case of pages is to access easy certain page content (i.e. to access a group of Page module entries).
3. Building menus in general way. The general way can be used for any purpose.

On the following manual pages these 3 ways of building menus will be explained.
Adding, editing and deleting menu items will also be explained.

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Menus and blocks
1. Build menus for module methods
2. Build menus for pages
3. Build general menus
4. Add menu items
5. Edit a menu item
6. Other Menu module functionality