1. How to choose a different theme ?


The themes, which are provided with the Classic Edition, are all installed and if you wish to use another theme for some role, then you have just to choose it to be default for that role.
To do that, click in the "Admin General Menu" on the link "Choose Default Theme" or go to URL [path-to-your-site]/theme/choose-default-theme.
In this method all the themes are listed, which have been installed to the system.
Then there is a drop-down menu "Select role", where you can choose the role for which the other theme will be active.
After that scroll down and tick the theme which you wish to be default (active) for such chosen role and click the button "Save changes".

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Manage themes
1. How to choose a different theme ?
2. How to use a custom theme ?
3. How to create your own custom themes?
3.1. Components and minimal requirements of a custom theme
3.2. The content of file config/Install/install-config.php
3.3. Content of the layout.phtml file
3.4. CSS selectors for custom themes
4. Conclusions about Allmice CMS themes