2. How to use a custom theme ?


If you have created a custom theme yourself or got it from a third party, which is compatible with Allmice CMS, then you can use it for a specific role in the following way:
1. Copy the theme into Allmice CMS Classic Edition folder custom/themes.
2. Install the theme.
3. Choose it to be default (active) theme for a specific role or for all the roles as described before.

Themes, which are provided by Classic Edition are located in directories themes or core/themes - don't put custom themes into these directories. To update the system easy, core and themes directory are supposed to be replaced with new versions of such directories and your custom theme would get lost if it would be located in those directories. That's why use custom/themes directory.

For installing a new theme click in Admin General menu on link "Install Themes" or go to URL [path-to-your-site]/theme/install-themes. If there are any uninstalled themes, then these are listed in a table, where you can tick it for installing at the end of the row, where it is listed. Then click on button "Install checked themes" (which is located after this table) and all such checked themes are available after this for activating/changing through the Theme module method choose-default-theme as described before.
To reverse the installing process (i.e. to remove references of a theme from system database) use the uninstall-themes method (URL [path-to-your-site]/theme/uninstall-themes), which is very similar to the install method.

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1. How to choose a different theme ?
2. How to use a custom theme ?
3. How to create your own custom themes?
3.1. Components and minimal requirements of a custom theme
3.2. The content of file config/Install/install-config.php
3.3. Content of the layout.phtml file
3.4. CSS selectors for custom themes
4. Conclusions about Allmice CMS themes