6. Visitor module


GlobalObserver module was recording consent signals and other visiting data. Visitor module can be used to manage such recorded data.

It has pages (methods) for admin user to edit/delete recorded data about every visitor, which is active - this means recorded in database mod_global_observer_* tables or passive - this means archived into files and deleted from these tables.
To edit/delete a visitor's data from archived files, such file should be opened first. This "opened" means that the file content (SQL queries) will be populated into mod_visitor_archived_* tables. The archive methods of Visitor module can be used to edit/delete such open visitor data. Before managing in such way visitor's data from another archive file the currently opened archive must be closed. This closing means, that using Visitor  module's corresponding methods mod_visitor_archived_* tables will be emptied.

Visitor module has also the opt-out-data page (/visitor/opt-out-data), which is meant for the visitor to use and which purpose is explained below.
If consentMethod value is "using", then IP address and device data will be recorded into database already on landing page. This means, that visitor has not got actually chance to read the privacy policy and had no chance to give consent or not to give it according to that policy's actions.
The opt-out-data page ("Opt-out data" submit button there) can be used to delete such visitor's IP address and software data, which was collected before registering first consent signal.
If consent signal has already been registered, then this button has no effect - in this case the IP address and software data are considered as evidence of using the website (aka as evidence of consent signals).
If visitor still continues to use the (non-exceptional) pages of the website after "Opt-out data" submit button click, then the deleted IP address and software data will be recorded again.

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