2.1. Configure email authentication details


The website, which uses Allmice CMS, needs for sending automatic emails following email authentication details: username, password, host, port, which you should get from your email service provider.

To configure your website to be as authenticated email sender, do following:
Go to URL: [path-to-your-site]/admin/list-config,
Select module: Message,
Select type: emailAuthentication.
Now you should see a table and can enter the details host, password, port and username clicking Edit link in the corresponding row.
For example for gmail.com accounts
host configuration value should be "smtp.gmail.com",
port value "587",
username should be your gmail.com email address and
password as you have chosen it for your such email account.
Such values were working at least at the moment of writing this.

In case of gmail.com email address you probably need to allow also less secure apps to access your account.
To do so, try following URL:

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2.1. Configure email authentication details
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