Users and messages


Some common functionalities of managing users and messages on websites are:
Registering new users.
Verifying email addresses of registered users.
Password and/or user name recovery through registered emails.
Additional means to recover user accounts.
Web-based contact forms for users to protect email addresses from spamming.
Sending messages between users.
Multiple postal and email addresses for users.

The user managing functionality is closely related to the automatic message sending functionality to the registered emails of the users.

In the following manuals we explain, how to use such user managing and message sending functionalities on web sites, which are using Allmice CMS Classic Edition.

The first manual gives an overview about the modules, which will be used in Allmice CMS for managing users and messages. The modules explaining information may not be so important at first sight for getting things started. It explains shortly, what sort of User-Message functionality is supported by what module and such knowledge may still be needed to solve various issues, which may arise by managing users and messages during time.

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Users and messages
1. Modules for managing users and messages
2. Sending automatic emails
2.1. Configure email authentication details
2.2. Manage message templates
3. Authenticating
4. Adjust the website for authenticated users
4.1. Access rights for unauthenticated visitors
4.2. Adjustable links on user block
4.3. Change labels and other language phrases
4.4. Prepare content for authenticated visitors
4.5. Give access rights for authenticated users
5. Registering new users
6. Multiple email addresses and user account recovery
7. Manage contact forms and emails
8. Manage postal addresses
9. User profile